Political Lomcevak (Tumbling the Liberal Mindset)

The Definition of a political lomcevak? What you get when you mix an aerobatic pilot, a gun nut, a Burkean Conservative and an avid Fisherman, and then attempt to imprint a Liberal Law Education into him.

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Friday, August 15, 2003
Although I am by no means a technical person, I seem to have no trouble making friends with those that are. As a result I have quite a few friends in the tech industries, including ones who run power grids.

They tell me that this situation in the Northeast could not be caused by what Bloomberg and others say caused it. In fact, they think it is an attack on the SCADA system.

A check seemed to confirm that there are vunerabilities in the system, as this Washington Post story seems to confirm.

One of the salient quotes.

"What they do know is that "Red Teams" of mock intruders from the Energy Department's four national laboratories have devised what one government document listed as "eight scenarios for SCADA attack on an electrical power grid" -- and all of them work. Eighteen such exercises have been conducted to date against large regional utilities, and Richard A. Clarke, Bush's cyber-security adviser, said the intruders "have always, always succeeded."

Ummmmmm, that's not good.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Remember a previous post about the surface to air missile problem? It can be found here. Here is the story of the people trying to pull this off.

Amazingly enough, it is even the same missile I spoke of in my post, the SA-18.

Yes, those peaceful loving Gray Davis Supporters (Workers Against the Recall). Apparently not.

I initially heard about this via a source in the Davis Campus Republican (DCR), a number of who were in the group attacked. Then instapundit linked to it.

The worst part is that the event was tax payer funded, directly from Gray.

It is becoming apparent that the public sector workers unions, many of who I have personal dealing with, are becoming a serious problem. It is apparent that they consider the public money theirs and they have not figured out that they are killing their particular golden goose.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Blaster is over at his place, wondering why California Conservatives are not supporting Arnold. For me it is very simple.

If you are anti-gun, you do not get my vote, period, end of story, fegettahbowdit.

Oh, he is only partially anti-gun, you say.

Then I read something like this article


"The sky was funereal, gunmetal grey you might say, a reflection of the sad faces from the line of men trying to shelter from rain sweeping along the Geelong foreshore.

Shane (who didn't want to give his surname) was holding back sobs. "I feel terrible, I feel like shit," he said.

Yesterday was the first day for the Victorian public to participate in the national handgun buy-back program. While some states had decided to undertake it by setting up permanent centres, Victoria's police have decided to conduct a statewide travelling roadshow spending its first three days in Geelong.

Shane delicately placed on the folding tables in front of him a huge American revolver, its barrel about 30 centimetres long called a Silhouette 45/70. It seemed an awesome piece of firepower, its barrel the colour of the sky.

He said he believed it would be worth $3500 but he had an even more valuable firearm of .50 calibre which he hoped would earn him $4800."


"All guns surrendered are taped with a barcode and crushed by a special press before being taken back to Melbourne and melted for scrap. If they want, people surrendering the guns could watch the crushing process, but that was not an option for Shane. "I just can't bear to watch," he said."

I will do everything I can to ensure that this does not happen here. The least I can do is refuse to vote, or support, an anti-gun candidate. They may as well be anti-free speech, or anti-free market.

If you are like me, then you will frequently feel insulted by your government. Not only that, but you can be reminded that in trying to level the playing field, you can completely screw up the turf for everyone.

What the hell am I talking about?

This idea to randomize the names in this recall

On the one hand, it tells the people that our leadership feels that we are so dumb that we cannot deal with an alphabetised list, and on the other, by screwing up the ballot this way, it ensures that a whole segment of dummies will screw up the ballot. So why do this? In the mythical search for complete fairness, everyone gets screwed equally.

Just do the ballot alphabetically, and leave it at that.

Boy, the Court Case is going to make Florida look like a cake walk.

Monday, August 11, 2003
Thank God, the pain has finally passed.

I did not feel like writing anything, and merely sat around, under the influence of Vicadan. Yech, hate that stuff.

In any event, the blogging will resume tomorrow.