Political Lomcevak (Tumbling the Liberal Mindset)

The Definition of a political lomcevak? What you get when you mix an aerobatic pilot, a gun nut, a Burkean Conservative and an avid Fisherman, and then attempt to imprint a Liberal Law Education into him.

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Friday, July 25, 2003
To the disappointment of thousands, the nude Bambi hunting story was bogus.

And yes, I am kidding.

Thursday, July 24, 2003
DenBeste has an interesting viewpoint on the war, one that I have agreed with for some time.

However I do differ from him in this manner

I actually think that most of the nation understands the point DenBeste are trying to make anyway. Do you remember the various polls that had most Americans believing that Iraq was in part responsible for 9/11. When this fact was presented to me, in order to demonstrate that Americans were idiots, I had a problem believing that take on the polls.

I think that most Americans have simply conflated the problem with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the countries over there. While they may be ignorant of the specifics, they are well aware that there is a problem over there. And the supposed fact that there may not be weapons of mass destruction over there now (I still think we will find them) will not perturb them much. They understand that a bunch of folks from over there flew aircraft into our buildings. They understand that we never want to have that happen again. The Americans want to have safety, and never want to experience that again. I think they intuitively understand that we needed to do this, and they understand that we cannot stop now.

There are times when I shake my head at the population, but at this time it seems that they are holding steady. Look at these numbers from Polling Report. People like Bill O'Reilly and the rest yelled and screamed about how badly the Bush Administration argued the case. To a degree this was true, since Bush could not state the real reasons. But then again, he never had to. The country had already decided that the situation in the Middle East was unacceptable, and that something needed to be done. Iraq was as good as any other place to start.

In addition, do you notice that the polls never properly break down Bush's handling of the war. There is approve, and disapprove. Well, does disapprove mean that he is not being tough enough and not moving fast enough, or does it mean that they never supported the war in the first place, and they want us out. These two types are markedly different from each other, and would reveal more about how the country really feels.

I think the American people are well aware at an intuitive level of what is transpiring in the Middle East. They fluctations in the polls are minimal, and there appear to be very rational periods of nerves, but on the whole, a substantial majority agrees with what we are doing.

Update: A few sites had flash movies up about 9/11. I still think a significant majority of people still think about 9/11, and don't ever want that to happen again, regardless of cost. (The videos are here and and here.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Professor Randy Barnett has written a fascinating piece on the apparent liberal fixation on current and past issues

My response to his questions?

"I think the problem is quite simple. In my experience, those on the left (generally) have no historical sense. By historical sense, I mean that they have no feeling (for lack of a better word) of where we as Americans have come from, and where we are going. Leftists being very emotionally driven are very present focused. Since history is not particularly relevant, it is something not to be paid attention too.

That's how they can argue things that make you or I drop our jaws in awe at the ability of someone to state such a thing without blushing. As far as getting the leftists to see it, I think there is little or no chance. The ones who are aware, gain to much power from this amnesia, and the one who are in the delusion cannot break it without fearful internal repercussions. What concerns me is what effect this will have on discourse in this country.

The thing that I admire about this Administration, and America in general, is its ability to change tactics when the current strategy appears not to be working. It's the sign of a healthy, motivated, and effective force. This Washington Post piece is an excellent example. Apparently our attempt at stemming the guerilla attacks had not been effective. Operation Scorpion and others had yielded some results, but were not satisfactory. So something new was tried, and the results were fast and effective. We got Uday and Qusay.

This is very good news. (As a sidenote, it is apparent that the Dems are falling off the deep end even further. To state that this is not good news in any way, as some have done, is political madness)

Once again the people of this country are reminded that this Administration have embarked on a course that they will not falter from. And they cannot, the stakes are far too high. It does not mean that we will not make mistakes, but it does mean that we will attack the problems, and keep attacking them until they are defeated.

Monday, July 21, 2003
And as a continuation from my previous post.

Hugh Hewitt believes that it might be likely that Bill Clinton would enter the recall fray as a Democratic contender.

I cannot frame how awful that would be.

There were days when I felt bad about how much I detested President Clinton. It is not healthy to hate. And I don't think I hated him, but I surely detested him. My distaste was predominately fueled by my impression of him as an untrustworthy, self-serving cad, and impression that was borne out by his Presidency.

However, my dislike never became irrational, outside of the fact that I found I could not watch the man on TV. And my dislike never became like the apparent all consuming, ever present, blinding hatred by those on the left. Not all, mind you, I work with some lefties, and although they are not fans, they do not have this hate I see in other locations.

The best place to see this is on bulletin boards on the Internet. People are free to voice any opinion they desire without the usual repercussions of polite society. The din of "Bush Lied" is merely the latest example of this. What is amazing is the complete lack of reason, logic, or consistency in this doomed takedown attempt. I have actually given up on attempting to talk to quite a few people that I regularly debate with. I have given up until they come off their blood lust, and return to their senses.

But even when they return, they will be diminished, perhaps fatally, in my eyes. You see, prior to this event, I could believe that the left in this country really wanted the best for the nation. It is possible to debate with someone only when they have decent intentions. To argue with a person that has ill intent is a waste of time. I find the more I debate with those on the left, the of them I find to respect. And I don't want a society where people of a different ideology are people that I cannot respect. It's bad for society, and it is bad for our system.

So to any leftists who read this blog. Snap out of it.