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The Definition of a political lomcevak? What you get when you mix an aerobatic pilot, a gun nut, a Burkean Conservative and an avid Fisherman, and then attempt to imprint a Liberal Law Education into him.

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Saturday, April 05, 2003
Slap the French (Credit Realpolitick)

Friday, April 04, 2003
Not the French, not the Germans, not the UN. We will create the lead role in the rebuilding of Iraq. Condeleeza says so.

We are entering Baghdad. The fighting is fierce. The final hours seem to be closing in on the Regime.

Apparently we may have to face children soldiers. Me thinks that the anti-war protestors will remain silent about this latest atrocity. (Credit: Volokh)

Other then that, I am just watching and waiting.

As usual SBD has a good take on the war and occupation is illegal front.

I have noticed a propensity of law students, at least the ones that surround me, to believe that passing a law will solve the issue. Consequently, law students are always ready to write new laws, fashion new statutes, or otherwise stamp out evil with the stroke of a pen.

However, since they believe that one can stamp out evil with law, they are in a constant quandry about the fact that people spend an inordinate amount of time skirting the law. So the solution on the part of the law student is to make the law more and more specific.

If you run into one of these, try this proposition. Ask them about a society wherein there is only one law on the books. The law? It is a law that directs to the judge trying the case, "Do justice in every case." The student will naturally object that this will leave far too much discretion at the hands of the judicial officer. But isn't that the same as any multi-factored test? And isn't it the same with the decision to go into Iraq. We did it believing that we were doing justice, and everything else is verbage.

Thursday, April 03, 2003
I have decided to repost the Al Jazeera POW Footage (Please right click, and "save as target")(CAUTION: THIS FOOTAGE IS GRAPHIC AND HORRIFYING). I am paying for the hosting myself, and I am merely a poor law school student. I have paid for an additional 25GB of bandwidth with the help of some other kind folks, and am willing to pay for more if the demand necessitates. If you cannot get the footage, please send me an e-mail.

The AVI is in Windows Media Audio V2 format, which is not a positive.

The software to run the video (if you have problems) is either Nimo or Xvid or you can try this. Its a pain, but I got it to work, and I am no media genius. If the solution still eludes you, try one of the other solutions advocated on this board.

Now keep in mind that I attend a 1st tier law school, surrounded by our best and our brightest.

I am taking a class entitled "Human Rights in the Muslim World." I truly wish to find a moderate element in Islam. The idea that we have an implacable ideology, practiced by several billion, all of whom wish to destroy us utterly, or die trying, is too terrifying to accept.

For now, lets just say that my search continues.

However, a comment from fellow student about the lack of democracy in Egypt, brought a snide remark about the lack of democracy in this country. I kept my peace. However, if you think that this country is undemocratic, well, you would be partially correct. We are a Republic. And why is democracy considered something that is a cure all for any societal problem, be they foreign or domestic? The automatic assumption that democracy is the elixer that will cure all evils belies a shallow mind. Democracy has deep and profound flaws that can only be dealt with by combining some anti-democratic forces along with a large measure of common sense by a populace committed to the institutions that further the liberty associated with our Republic. That's why a comment like that by this student bothers me so. It belies a lack of understanding of the problems of democratic governance. And if our best and brightest don't understand the problems, we are in serious trouble. Remember, democracy does not equal liberty. John S. Mill was not wrong on that point. If you do not understand my last point, go and read this.

Some of you may laugh that I would dare to arrogantly suppose that some of my readers had never read "On Liberty." I can clearly tell you that I know a number of students who have managed to get into a first tier law school while not having been exposed to this, or many other important books. Locke? Nope, never heard of him. We have truly become a nation of other-directed people.

And on many levels it is worse. For instance? There was the day in class when the professor mentioned "MAD." You remember MAD, right? Mutually Assured Destruction, a "strategy" that the USA and the USSR followed for decades. How soon we have forgotten that? I was the only person in the class who knew what MAD was besides the professor, and she and I must have looked at each other in disbelief for several seconds at the ignorance of my brethren. Months later these "experts" were arguing that we could deter Saddam. Such is the world we live in.

I will let you all know when I find the moderate Islam.

And it is time for my weekly reposting to remind all why we fight. Let this never happen again.

I also want to direct your attention to Jed Babbin. I am certain that most people are familiar with him.

I confess that I know little about the current "Roadmap" plan for the Israeli situation. Israpundit has an interesting take on it. I am not sure I agree, but I am very suspicious based on what I know about the new PM of the Palestinian Authority.

I am also curious to see what will happen with Syria. How can they suppose that we are not serious. It boggles the mind that there are still people out there who think we lack resolve after the current conflict. The Syrians also seem not to have noticed that they may be next. How the Bush Administration makes that politically feasible escapes me entirely. I have no problem with removing this brutal regime, but seeing all the uphill we had, I am not sure that Syria would be all that feasible.

Iran may be doable, mainly due to the massive unpopularity of the current regime. I don't think troops would be a good thing to do there, and in fact that might be counterproductive. In all, I believe Michael Ledeen is correct in his assessment that this is the beginning of the war. Possibly the end of the beginning, as a famous prescient statesman once said.

Kim du Toit has gratutious gun pictures, I will have gratutious aircraft pictures.

That is a Pitts S1-11B, my dream aircraft. 300HP, and a rate of climb of 6000 Foot Per Minute. Most of the high performance guys like the monoplanes, I just love biplanes. There is just something about the way that they fly.

That asshat, Mayor Daley has managed to shut down one of the greatest airports in this country, and do it in the middle of the night. For any of you that have flown Microsoft flight simulator, the preset airport is Meigs Field, which apparently is no more.

"Likely the last 16 aircraft ever to use Chicago's Meigs Field were to have taken off Wednesday, using a taxiway in place of the runway that was torn up by city workers early Monday. The FAA issued special permission to allow the aircraft owners to use the 3,000-foot, 50-foot-wide taxiway for a final departure. The 16 were left stranded by Mayor Richard Daley's surprise decision to close the airport for security reasons. By dawn on Monday, large X's had been carved out of the runway while city police blocked access to the airport. Among the 16 was Tom Komer, who flew into Meigs on Sunday for a convention at nearby McCormask Place. When Komer checked DUATS weather on Monday morning, he saw the NOTAM on the airport's closure. He telephoned the Signature FBO at Meigs to find out if the NOTAM was correct. "That's when I learned that I and 15 other pilots were stranded when Mayor Daley ordered the runway torn up ..." he told AVweb. "No one attempted to contact me prior to the damage. Later in the day, I met with the airport manager who said he didn't know in advance." Komer was told the City of Chicago would reimburse the extra hotel and living expenses he incurred."

This has been a fight for a while. Mayor Daley has never liked the airport, and has been trying to use the security situation as a pre-text for shutting it down. The aviation community has been fighting back many of the ludicrious ideas that have come out, and have been successful on most fronts. This is a big blow.

Doing a little more plugging and jugging tonight.

N. Korea may seek nuclear weapons because of Iraq war: Russia

Don't you love that title. It's from the French News source. Any bias you think? Nahhhh, me neither.

"The US-led war against Iraq is likely to push North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, a Russian deputy foreign minister said Tuesday amid mounting fears of a nuclear arms race by rogue states."

From the mouths of those who truly don't get it. For Christ's sake, why do you think we are in Iraq? Tell me that the esteemed deputy foreign minister hasn't bought into the war for oil argument? And I also think he has his timeline wrong. N. Korea apparently already has nuclear material. In fact, if you look at the timeline, you will see that N. Korea has been one big problem for a bunch of years. And if you look closely, you will also see that Russia has not exactly been an iron pillar of support in this particular problem.

And since you guys are worried about an arms race by rogue states, do you think you could stop arming Iran? Especially since one of their top guys suggested nuking Israel.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Apparently PFC Lynch fought when her group was ambushed and took down a few enemy soldiers. We should all be proud of her.

Diego Rincon, you are a hero.

Extremely busy tonight, and will be for the next few month, as finals are coming up.

Therefore I will leave you with a link that leads to all kinds of interesting Islamic stuff.

My search continues for the moderates.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Message to the BBC about Saddam

""He's not pinin,' he's passed on! This dictator is no more! It has ceased to be! He's expired and gone to meet his allah! This is a late despot! He's a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in pieces! If you hadn't taken so much video everyone would know that he would be pushing up the daisies! He's metabolical processes are of interest only to historians! He's hopped the palace! He's shuffled off this mortal coil! He's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible! This.... is an EX-SADIST!"

That is all. With apologies to the ruining the genuis of said group.

That site that I posted the pictures from is a great one for getting up the minute information that is coming from the other side.

For instance

War will produce 100 Bin Ladens, says Mubarak.

Some highlights?

"Egypt, a key regional U.S. ally which has cracked down hard on militants, publicly opposes the war launched by Washington to overthrow President Saddam Hussain."

I am not at all sure that Egypt is a "key" ally

"Mubarak said Iraqi forces fighting U.S. and British troops were "guarding Iraq's lands and defending its national honour and nobility" in the conflict.

The idea that Iraq had national honor and nobility is ludicrous. Saddam has sent any nobility and honor that the Iraqi nation had through the proverbial shredder.

"'Egypt's position has been and still is clear in rejecting...the military option and rejecting participation in military action of the coalition forces against brotherly Iraq,' he said."

Brotherly Iraq? Remember this is a key ally who gets $2 billion in aid. I don't think that Muburak has ever called the US brotherly.


Bloodied children's shoes bear witness to deadly strike at Baghdad farm


By Patrick Baz
Agence France-Presse, JT, 4/1/03

Yep, the French.

Want to read it? Here you go. Prepare the blood pressure medication.

"JANABIYAH — Bloodied schoolbooks and children's shoes lie amidst animal carcasses on the road leading to the Ismails' farm in this village on the southeastern edge of Baghdad.
The main building of this hamlet, accessible via a checkpoint manned by militiamen, has been levelled, the second burned out and the third partially destroyed.

A neighbour told an AFP journalist that two missiles fired by coalition warplanes Saturday night caught five sleeping families living on the farm.

The raid left 20 people dead, including 11 children, seven women and two men. Ten others injured in the attack were taken to hospital.

The victims have already been buried but the smell of death still permeates the farm: The bombing also cost the life of several of the farm's animals.

Littered amongst the rubble spread over the grass were carcasses of four cows, their eye, nose and mouth cavities blackened by swarms of flies. Two dogs, sheep and chickens lay motionless nearby.

“Five children were turned into human torches in this house because of the gas cylinders inside,” one of the two survivors said, wondering how God spared him while four other family members were wounded.

“Their bodies protected me because I was in a corner,” he mused.

A neighbour, with missile debris in his hands, said: “That is Bush's democracy. They want us to welcome them with flowers. Look what they've done to our families.”

Civilian casualities in Baghdad and its outskirts have mounted since the US-led war to topple President Saddam Hussein's regime and control Iraq's oil wealth was launched on March 20.

The coalition has relentlessly bombed the southern rim of the city, where elite Republican Guard units are believed to be guarding the approach to Saddam's seat of power.

AFP journalists have witnessed five such incidents in which civilians were the primary victims of a coalition strike, reporting at least 70 dead and dozens of wounded.

Iraqi officials have said hundreds of civilians have been killed and wounded since the start of the war.

US and British war planners have declared their intent to minimise civilian casualties and accuse the Iraqi leadership of deliberately placing military targets such as weapons and ammunition in residential neighbourhoods.

They have also suggested that some of the blasts might have been the result of misguided Iraqi anti-missile missiles."

Now most of you have heard about the happenings in France at a specific British military cemetary. If not, SDB has a good take on it. The French are going to be a huge problem in the coming years. I cannot remember when a nation went from being an "ally" to something that is definitely not. I am not sure that we can call them enemies, but the French nation is not an ally of ours. I am a believer in Realpolitick, which means that I do not really believe in the idea of nations as "friends." Nations have interests, they do not have friends. It is becoming crystal clear that a strong France controlling the EU is not in our interest. Therefore we have to cripple that nation. I do not mean militarily, but something has to be done.


Geneva Conventions, Use and Misuse

This one is so outrageous, it makes excellent comedy.

Now on to the war front.

This story brought tears to my eyes. PFC Lynch is saved. Thank you, God, what an incredible bit of news. Her father was the picture of courage and patriotism in the face of his daughter being in the hands of those animals. His faith in the armed forces was rewarded, and it gives me hope upon hope that Jed Babbin is wrong about the others. Unfortunately, I think he is correct.

N Korea launched another surface to ship missle today. At least it was not one of the long range ones. However is is apparent that their economy is in the toilet. N. Korea government bonds anyone? Yeah, I bet the people are overjoyed to get these instead of food.

The world remains unstable, so keep an eye on your six.

Monday, March 31, 2003
Because of the tactics of Saddam and his murderous thugs, several young soldiers will have to live with the knowledge that they killed children today.

Let me be clear in stating that I do not blame the soldiers at all for the tragedy that occurred. I find the assertions by the media, that (pick one) 1) a NY Post reporter 2) a Washington Post reporter or 3) a military officer, that the warning shots were fired late to be Monday morning quarterbacking of the worst variety. I am willing to bet that no reporter has had to make a snap judgment with so little margin for error in theirs lives. How do I know this? Because if they had, there would have been more "there for but the grace of God go I," rather then the vapid, shallow, fingerpointing that is their usual play.

Even though I may not feel that it was those soldiers fault, the most important thing is that they know it was not their fault. The journey to the point is going to be a hell neither you or I would ever want to go through. I hope they make. There are many people who never get over things of this nature. What the hell was the driver thinking?

Update: Ted points out an article in which it is alleged that the Driver purposely drove through the roadblock

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Thank you Victor Davis Hanson, you always know the right thing to say.

For a number of days I have had a copy of the Al-Jazeera tape that was shot of the dead POW's and the prisoners, as well as the battle scene. The footage is extremely disturbing, and I was torn as to whether to post the footage or not. I placed the question before a number of people who I respect. The one answer that was most poignant, was the answer of a veteran who had served with the unit that these soldiers came from. The veteran explained that althought the images are repugnant, it is necessary for people to see the sacrifice that our soldiers are going through.

Therefore I have decided to post the footage. It can be found here (Please right click, and "save as target"). I am paying for the hosting myself, and I am merely a poor law school student. I have paid for about 10GB of bandwidth, and am willing to pay for more if the demand necessitates. If you cannot get the footage, please send me an e-mail. (CAUTION: The footage is extremely graphic. If you think you will be offended, then please do not download the material)

The AVI is in Windows Media Audio V2 format, which is not a positive.

The software to run the video (if you have problems) is either Nimo or Xvid or you can try this. Its a pain, but I got it to work, and I am no media genius. If the solution still eludes you, try one of the other solutions advocated on this board.

SO, this is all Rumsfield's fault. You know, the world thinks that we are a nation with a short attention span, one that is quite unable to handle any type of adversity. I think I understand why. It's because our incredibly vapid, self centered, hypercritical, left wing media, media gives them that impression.

Hullo, hullo in there, Mr. Media person. The war is going fine. Let's blame someone when something goes wrong, okay?

And then the media argues "blogs offer up commentary and "reporting" that cannot be fact checked, serving less as pure news sites than as online meeting grounds for people looking for unique information on the war. Some war blogs hail not from the front lines, but from the heartland of America, featuring links to all types of war coverage, expanding the scope of information provided to readers online." (Blaster, who is also mentioned in the article.)

Ha, after that article above, explain to me again about your fact checking, and your objectivity. The media in this country is a disgrace.