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The Definition of a political lomcevak? What you get when you mix an aerobatic pilot, a gun nut, a Burkean Conservative and an avid Fisherman, and then attempt to imprint a Liberal Law Education into him.

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Saturday, March 29, 2003
David Warren also has some new stuff up. He is always worth the read.

Bill Whittle has posted another of his superb essays. Get a drink, sit down and read.

Friday, March 28, 2003
I will keep it short tonight. I am sitting down with my wife, and watching some inane comedy, because we both need a break from the war coverage. If I hear another news story that makes it sound like we are losing badly, with troops stranded on overwhelmed supply lines, whilst slaughtering Iraqi civilians, and preparing to face the "Elite" Republicans guards in the current Quagmire, I will lose my mind.

So, I will provide some good news. The Chinese are pressuring N. Korea. This is a welcome change. If China brings her strength to bare, it is difficult to see how N. Korea could resist, and ignore China. We are playing this hand, and we will have to see how it works out.

Checking some of my referrers, and this is one of the hits I got from AOL.

Apparently if you search "liberal morons and idiots" I pop up first. I really didn't plan it that way, but that is slightly amusing.

Thursday, March 27, 2003
I think RealPolitick has the best (or worst) picture of the French desecrated Lady Liberty. Go and check out the site, its a good one.

All this crap about Bush being a man of no gravity, a simpleton, an imbecile unable to understand the task at hand.

Bush, when elected.

Bush on the night of the announcement of the attack on Iraq

I know they are different pictures. Look at the eyes. Look at the change. Tell me he does not understand the gravity of what must be done? The strain has aged the man. It is only slightly more then 2 years. Does the man look 2 years older? Not to me. To me, the man has aged a lifetime.

This will be a weekly repost for me. Everyone should watch it to remind each of us why we have to do this ugliness in Iraq to avoid the ugliness at home. This movie will move you. This is why we fight.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you to go and read the latest David Warren

You know it is just fascinating to go through the wordls news. Just sit with google, and type whatever comes to mind. For instance:

"Blix" uncovered this gem

The short little story.

" Blix says chemical suit find fails to prove Iraq has chemical weapons

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said on Wenesday that the discovery of 3,000 chemical suits and masks at a hospital in southern Iraq by US marines does not prove Iraq has chemical weapons. Blix told BBC television that they could mean that the Iraqis were themselves expecting the use of chemical weapons. US military sources said the marines confiscated the chemical suits and masks from a hospital in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah. The hospital was being used by Iraqi paramilitaries. Blix believes inspectors should have been allowed more time in Iraq to uncover possible weapons of mass destruction rather than being ordered out of the country prior to the start of war."

Don't ya just love the rationalization that the Iraqi's are keeping chemical suits and masks on hand because the Iraqi's themselves are expecting the use of chemical weapons by us. Yes, you all remember the tragedy of the United States chemical attack of......ummmmm......yes.....let me see.......oh that's right, about never. Hullo Hans, you unsufferable idiot. The United States has never conducted chemical warfare on other people, nor on its citizens. Yes, I know that the DOD has gotten a little out of shape once in a while, but we have never gassed one of our towns. Nor have we killed millions of Iranians. What reality do you live in Hans? People like you are the reason we are in this mess.



"KOFI ANNAN: I'm getting increasingly concerned by humanitarian casualties in this conflict. I've just heard the reports that a missile struck a market in Baghdad, and I would want to remind all belligerents that they should respect international humanitarian law and take all necessary steps to protect civilians. Besides, they are responsible for the welfare of the civilian population in the area."

And the human shields utilized by the Iraqis Kofi? How about the soldiers they shot in cold blood? And directing mortar fire at civilians? This shit drives me positively bezerk. Mr. Kofi Annan is from Ghana. Where is Ghana on the human rights scale?

Well, here is an example. A sample? "They also told him that the torturers repeatedly inflicted more torture on their wounds. "They were fetched four times during my 57-day detention at the BNI cells."

According to him, Mawuli Goka told him at the cells that the soldiers used something like a candle to burn his private parts, adding that his penis had also been cut at the mouth, which made it difficult for him to even urinate.

He explained that at the cells, in the evenings, the soldiers arrive with masks on their faces and disguised voices to pick the prisoners and subject them to various tortures."

Another official story. Yeah, it's as I thought.


"Sheen Leads Anti-War Prayer Vigil in L.A.

The Associated Press
Thursday, March 27, 2003; 1:34 PM

Martin Sheen covered his mouth with a piece of duct tape that said "peace," then led about 60 protesters in a prayer vigil.

The star of the NBC series "The West Wing" carried a huge painted cross during Wednesday's protest. He didn't speak, but the Rev. Michael Kennedy of Delores Mission Catholic Church in East Los Angeles read a statement from him.

"Nationalism and militarism have become the gods of our idolatry at the expense of our humanity," Sheen wrote. "By some demented form of logic the men, women and children of Iraq are relegated to 'collateral damage' as the dogs of war slouch toward Baghdad."

The vigil was held to pray for the safe return of U.S. soldiers and to express solidarity with two Catholic priests and one peace activist who have been fasting on a liquid diet since March 5, organizers said. "

How the hell do I not have a picture of this? Sheen with his mouth taped shut. Someone send me the picture, please? The only thing better then that would be a picture of Michael Moore in the same dilemma.

Ahhh yes, here it is.

What an ass, what a moron, what a dork. Really, what do you hope to accomplish by that? I like it because while that tape is on, I can't hear you. I also get the feeling that you hadn't any clue that duct tape existed until Tom Ridge spoke up.


I love this line at the end of the story

"His next project is guaranteed to be controversial. “I’m making a film called Fahrenheit 911, the temperature at which freedom burns. It’ll be about how Bush is using 9/11 and those 3,000 lost lives as an excuse to move along his own conservative agenda.”

Remember my post yesterday about freedom of speech. This is the type of crap that will end it. I just wonder how someone can be so asinine. It is disrespectful to all those that died. It purports a political motive that is so base and evil to GWB, that if it were true, I would want him shot, not just impeached. And, of course, it is garbage. I am so thrilled that I get to call him an Oscar winner, aren't you?


"SA can't afford to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe: Mbeki
March 27, 2003, 07:00

President Thabo Mbeki says South Africa cannot afford to impose smart sanctions on Zimbabwe. He says regional initiatives such as the campaign against foot-and-mouth disease will only be possible if this country maintains contact with its neighbour.

Mbeki's statement follows earlier concerns aired by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the Foreign Affairs Minister, in parliament, about reports of ongoing human rights violations in Zimbabwe. Mbeki says countries like Britain and Australia can afford to impose sanctions, as they are far from Zimbabwe.

Earlier Mbeki said South Africa's interests would be best served by encouraging co-operation between the ruling ZANU-PF and the opposition MDC."

Well, ain't that precious. I mean Mugabe is only disposessing whites. He is not that bad of a guy. With that type of intestinal fortitude, its no wonder you wanted the inspections to continue.


"Villepin refuses to say which side he supports
By Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor
(Filed: 28/03/2003)

France's attempt to repair relations with America and Britain over Iraq backfired yesterday when Dominique de Villepin, their foreign minister, refused to say which side he supported.

During a speech in London, M de Villepin said he hoped for "a swift conclusion with the minimum possible number of casualties".

But asked by The Telegraph whether he hoped American and British forces would win the military campaign to remove Saddam Hussein, he replied angrily: "I'm not going to answer. You have not been listening carefully to what I said before. You already have the answer."

M de Villepin had come to London to mend fences after the bitter disputes over the failed attempt to secure a UN resolution authorising war, saying: "We must rebuild the world order shattered by the Iraq crisis."

But his apparent reluctance to choose sides will have done serious damage to his charm offensive. Senior British officials said they were "stunned".

Embarrassed French officials tried to salvage the situation by pointing out that, on French television on Monday, M de Villepin said: "Clearly, we hope the US will win this war quickly."

One diplomat said: "We have no hesitation about where we stand."

But M de Villepin's faux pas is likely to harden suspicion in America and Britain of his demands that the UN take over the administration and rebuilding of Iraq after the downfall of Saddam Hussein."

Nothing. The Frogs get nothing. We do not want theirs cars, we do not want their wine, and we do not want their aircraft. Airbus is out. I understand that what is bought is bought. But if an airline buys another Airbus, I refuse to ride with that airline. I cannot believe this crap. Could someone get that shovel out of old mole face's hand? He keeps digging.

Better yet, hand him this article. (Thanks you USS Clueless) Then he may just possibly understand that if he pushes to far, he may arouse an implacable foe.

Well, that is all I can take.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Apparently Aaron at Rantblog want to spite Micheal Moore by buying a gun. Good for him. Go on over and support him.

First off, I would like to say thank you to all those who commented. I enjoy the input, both positive and negative.

Many of you may note that I describe myself as a Burkean Conservative. Why would someone describe themselves as that? For me it is fairly simple. The writings of Edmund Burke just speak to me. Let me demonstrate:

The tenor of the anti-war movement increases every day in stridency and passion. The statements made by many of the protestors borders on the patently absurd. There is a very real question as to whether the protestors, or at least the people forming the protests actually believe some of the statements that are made. Let me provide a few examples.

Signs (and chants) seen at the Washington D.C. peace rally ... Jan. 18, 2003
How about pre-emptive peace?
Bushawar - (n) – an act of unjustified war to hide serious domestic problems

George W. for baseball commissioner in 2004!

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are our axis of evil

Frodo Baggins wants peace in the middle earth! I want peace in the Middle East!

When did compassionate conservative come to mean arrogant bully?

(insert peace sign) – back by popular demand!

Draft beer, not me

War – a bush family value

War-mongers, chickenhawks, send your own kids!

Saddam didn’t steal my 401(k)

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention

If you are not depressed, you are not paying attention

Bomb Texas, they have oil too!

What if Iraq’s main export was broccoli?

Total Information Awareness – totally violating the 4th amendment

Regime change here, no more bushshit

War on Iraq, bush’s war of mass distraction

Reagan defended Iraq genocide

Earth to bush – no to war!

Put out the bushfires

Main Street, not Wall Street, no blood for oil!

There is no pride in genocide

How to end all wars? Draft rich white men, like bush and company!

War mongers don’t get re-elected

They are selling war, and we are not buying it

Cancel the apocalypse

This great country is going to hell in a bushbasket

Drunk frat boy drives country into ditch!

Stop global warring! Improve the world’s climate!

Hello!!! Collateral damage means babies!

Follow the money, find the war

A bush family tradition --- War, recession and deficits!

Doobya, don’t misunderestimate the consequences of your itchy trigger finger!

Hey chickenhawk, are you sending Jenna and Barb to make war on Iraq?

War sucks almost as much as bush does!

If we had elected a president, we wouldn’t be in this war!

bush needs a war, but we don’t need a bush!

Pre-emptive impeachment!

Pre-emptive strike means Pearl Harbor. That is un-American mr. bush!

bush and Saddam, two of a kind! Murders, despots and cowards!

You write what you are told. Thanks media correspondents! We couldn’t control the people without you!

The cowardly bush is willing to exterminate half a million lives, but he is too afraid to face the press about his war of aggression!

bush, you are making the US the evil empire!

Whose agenda are you following george? Not ours!

$200 million (or billion?) dollars for war on Iraq. Nothing for struggling cities, education or health

Conserve oil, don’t steal it! No war on Iraq!

Hey, hey, ho, ho - *** has gotta go!

These colors don't run the world.

One nation under surveillance.

How did our oil get under their sand?

Go Solar, not Ballistic.

Who would Jesus bomb?

Start Drafting SUV Drivers Now.

Don't blame me, I voted with the majority.

Buck Fush!

It's NUCLEAR, not NUCULAR, you idiot!

Patriots are idiots - Matriarchy Now!

Resistance is Fertile.

(Pictures of sheep carrying flags) Stop Mad Sheep Disease Now.

(UFW sign) Pick Fruit, not Fights.

(On a five year old) More Candy Less War.

Say can you see my democracy?

(With pictures of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) Asses of Evil.

It's the oil, stupid.

War is expensive, Peace is priceless.

Read between the Pipelines

No More BuSh.

Smart weapons, Dumb president.

The only thing we have to fear is Bush himself.

How many Lives per Gallon?

Peace Takes Brains

Anything War can do, Peace can do better.

Negotiation Not Annihilation.

Make touchdowns, not war - Go Raiders!

Another patriot for peace.

Oh, Say, can You Cease?

Star Spangled Bummer

Don't Arm a Son of a Bush

Don't do it, George, Dad will still love you.

Power to the Peaceful

The last time we listened to a Bush, we wandered in the desert for 40 years. ==================================

Chants heard at the Washington D.C. peace rally

Bin Laden, Saddam, Pinochet --- all three aided by the CIA

WHAT does democracy look like? THIS is what democracy looks like

george bush kiss my ass, we won’t kill to get more gas

(to the tune of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’)
Who let the bombs drop --- bush, bush, bush

Now I am not even going to get into the merits of each of the above. Suffice it to say, if any look good to you, you have deep seated psychological problems. However, we should examine whether we should silence those who decide to foster and spread this stuff. And that's when the question gets interesting. Most Conservatives, and Libertarians that I know, would vehemently oppose silencing the protestors, and I agree to a large degree. Most of the Conservatives would say that it is a God-given right to free speech, guaranteed by the Constitution, and that according to J.S. Mill, allowing free speech in a battleground of idea will ensure truth's victory. However, I am not so certain. I think history is not at all clear that good ideas prevail in the marketplace of ideas. In fact, the evidence, while ambigious, may suggest the opposite. Even in this great nation. Here is my belief on freedom, and free speech specifically.

Burke enunciated my feelings best, and so I think a quote from him, frames my approach to the matter. The quote is taken from a reply Burke wrote to a Frenchman in 1971 from his Works pp. 63-64.

Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their appetites; in proportion as their love of justice is above their rapacity; in proportion as their soundness and sobriety of understanding is above their vanity and presumption; in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves. Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions form their fetters.

I have never encountered a description of freedom that more accords with the way that I conceptualize it then that quote. I have it memorized. If you completely disagree, I understand, but at least read it through a time or two.

Applying this to free speech, it becomes clear that the people who are engaged in this rigid anti-war speech would completely disagree with this perception of freedom of speech. This is fine. However, it is clear to me that if you do not respect the institution that is free speech, then you are damaging it. You, and I, are only free to speak our minds if the society wills it. The Constitution is only effective is the people currently living respect the document. If we become an intemperate society, we definitionally cannot be free. Only self governing people are free.

Coming from this intelectual framework, it is clear that the anti war protestors are not of temperate minds. And because they are that way, they lessen the freedom of all about them. Unless all of the society, or at least a very large controlling portion, are of temperate mind, then the society cannot be free, regardless of any documentation to the contrary. (This belief naturally causes me to have doubt about democracy and freedom in Iraq after the war)

The problem, as I see it, is that we, as a nation, seem to be drifting away from this self-evident truth. It is plainly apparent to me that reasoned speech is on its way out. I attend one of the preemminent law schools in the nation, seated side by side with the best and the brightest. I would have assumed that they would have all understood that you and I are only free in proportion to the freedom of speech and action that we grant to each other. Paradoxically, we are each going to have to maintain a tight rein on our appetite to silence the other, in order to maximise out freedom. Curiously then, it proves that we can never be completely free. Complete, uninhibited freedom, with no boundaries, does not exist. It is outside of the human condition. The loss of this understanding is disastrous. I can tell you that most of my brethren are unaware of this understanding of the world. The saving grace is that this self-evident truth is something that we all learn by trial and error. However, I don't believe that all of us learn it, and year by year less and less people learn it at all. Therefore we are losing that large controlling majority that enforces the respect of others freedoms. If we lose that completely, I feel we will lose it all. The document called the Constitution will no longer be of any use.

The current anti-war movement is archetype of the intemperate mind. Should we silence them? As time goes by, we may have to. If only to save our society and ourselves.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
You have got to go and check out Al-Jazeerah's website. (This is not the same site as the Al Jazeera English site, it is based in Georgia, and takes much of its material from other sites) Check out some of the captions to these pictures. They may call the US media biased, which they are. But to be this perverse must take a daily effort at discontinuity with reality.

Cuban President,Fidel Castro (76), was reelected yesterday for a sixth term. He ruled Cuba for 44 years, the longest period among world leaders (An Nahar, 3/8/03).

Ummmmm, yes. That would be the "elected" Cuban President. For the longest period. Assholes.

And then

Hans Blix, chief UN weapons inspector, delivers a report on Iraqi compliance with UN Resolution 1441 to the United Nations Security Council on Friday. (Reuters, Arab News, 3/8/03).

I must have been watching a different report then. I, and I feel many others, thought that hear no evil, see no evil Hans, was stepping lightly, but to categorize his speech as a report on Iraqi "compliance", defies imagination.

Now we get ugly, unfortunately.

Injured Israelis receive first aid after a Palestinian attack on a passenger bus in the northern city of Haifa on Wednesday, klling 15 and injurign 40 Israelis. (AFP, Arab News, 3/6/03).

Notice how the Palestinians "attack" while the Israeli's Murder, massacre, or barbarously raid.

8 of the 11 Palestinian martyrs who were murdered by Israeli occupation terrorist forces in Jabalia refugee camp yesterday. 130 more Palestinians were injured, 30 of whom are in serious conditions. This was in revenge for the yesterday's suicide bomb, which was in revenge to two months of Israeli killing of Palestininians (aljazeera.net, 3/6/03).

Funeral of the Palestinian todler, Ilham El-Assar (3), who was murdered by Zionist Israeli terrorists during their raid on Nusairat refugee camp, in Gaza today. She was one of 12 victims of Zionism today (aljazeera.net, 3/17/03).

The five Palestinians massacred by Israeli occupation terrorists in Jenin refugee camp, yesterday (Alhayat Aljadeeda, 3/15/03).


"The French President, Jacques Chirac, the most popular politician in the Arab world, for standing to the US and for his opposition to its war on Iraq, arriving at Algiers in a state visit. You can tell about his popularity from people's desire to shake his hand (Ad Dustour, 3/3/03)."

So that is how they conduct polls in that part of the world. Good thing they don't conduct elections that way. Oh, wait. No elections. There is a ton more of Chirac on the site, but in the interests of not making everyone sick, I will desist.

Ibrahim Maqadma, Hamas military leader, who was assassinated yesterday by the Sharon government, in order to trigger more suicide bombing and more assassinations (Alquds, 3/9/03)."

The fact that this news service would assert that Sharon would go after this guy to trigger more "suicide" bombings is breathtaking in its attempt at spin. So lets get this straight. If the Israeli's did not defend themselves, or instead took no action, the "suicide" bombings would stop. Okay, who in the room believes that? No one? Good we have no idiots here. Unfortunately there may be a whole group who buys this stuff.

An Israeli occupation terrorist- soldier terrorizing Palestinian children at a Ramallah elementary school (Alquds, 3/13/03).

Yeah, those kids looked terrified. And if that was a Hamas terrorist, and Israeli children, the children would not be terrified, they would be dead, blown to pieces by an unfeeling, and uncaring animal.

No Caption

I am speechless. At least our anti-war folk feign dislike of Saddam.

"An injured Iraqi child, absolutely shocked of what has a US missile done to him, but he is by no means awed. (Khaleej Times, 3/22/03).

More propaganda. Is anyone doing more to avoid collateral damage then us? Is there any doubt that Saddam is using that against us? Apparently so.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussain addressing Iraqis after the first wave of missiles that targeted a building the US believed he was in. The failure to assassinate Saddam was followed by a wave of psychological warfare discussions in the pro-Israel media about his death (Alquds Alarabi, 3/21/03).

We really don't know if he is alive or dead, but those pictures tend to prove the opposite. Look at the manner in which the pictures are spun.

Folks, we have a real problem, if this is what the Islam world sees and believes. There is a very real disconnect between perceptions. I thoroughly believe that we are in the right, and that those captions do not correspond with my reality, or in fact REALITY. However, there are millions who believe this stuff, and we are going to have to face them all.

And yes, I thoroughly admit to mooching Al Jeezeras Bandwidth.

UPDATE Sorry, this is not the Al Jazeera English Website. It is another site based in Aljazeerah Information Center, P. O. Box 724, Dalton, GA 30720, USA. So it is a US entity. However, note that many of the pictures are taken from the Al Jazeera.net site.

Sunday, March 23, 2003
From USS Clueless, what is possibly the worst sign I have ever seen.

As my wife said, I am horrified, but I am not surprised. The Iraqi government has captured soldiers, including a woman. For years, I have argued that woman should not be in combat. I pray she is stronger then any of the men. She will need to be. The Iraqi regime has no regard for life. We have been saying so for weeks, months, years. We are playing by different rules then they are.

The difference is most clearly apparent in the tactic of false surrender. This complicates matter for us extensively since we are not going to trust any of the troops, and if this happens enough times, the US Troops will begin to not accept surrenders.

Of the biggest concern. If this is true, then we have a big problem. It was one thing for the Russians to be in opposition to the war, and quite another to have technicians on the ground helping. If this is true, we need to re-assess our relationship with Russia very carefully.

Michael Moore is an asshole. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that he is getting an academy award (the lower case is intentional) for his "documentary/propaganda." Remember that the next time you see something or someone advertised as academy award winning. And to top it off, why not award the best director award to a child molestor. Oh, you did, sorry I underestimated your ability to reach incredibly new lows in debaunchery. We have a FoxNews, could someone please start a sane movie company, filled with sane actors. Please? I am sure that there are people who are sick of having to boycott 90% of the actors in Hollywood, due to the fact that they are seditious idiots.

The Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war (POW's) only applies to signatories. I doubt the Iraqi Government considers itself a signatory to the Geneva conventions, and there is in fact an argument to be made that the treaty only applies to the government who signed it. By the way, if one side is not bound, then neither is the other. Therefore, we should argue that we treat Iraqi prisoners well, not out of Geneva Treaty obligations, but because of our basic human compassion. Once again we demonstrate that we hold the moral high ground in this conflict.

Everything seemed to be going well, but now the tenor has changed. It is difficult to tell under the fog of war, but the next few days will tell.